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9 Year Old Girl Saves her Family Financially Learning to Raise Chickens


This story is AMAZING!     


When Shelby's Mother was placed in a nursing home for her debilitating multiple sclerosis, the family faced losing everything and becoming homeless.   9 year old Shelby got a loan from her Grandmother to buy some chickens and start her very own egg selling business.  She didn't come from a farming family and had to do and learn everything herself.  She is now 13 and earning fifteen thousand a year raising her free range chickens and selling their eggs to local families.  This is what freedom is!  Self sufficient families helping themselves through hard work and ingenuity.  The resourcefulness of this little girl is an absolute inspiration.  Her mother is now out of the nursing home and the family finances have stabilized.  Shelby is now able to save that fifteen thousand a year for college.  Watch this video shot by "On The Road CBS".


This is not freedom this is leaving people to fend for them self. Humans bectoom powerful Being (too powerfull) because they lived in groups that cooperated and helped  one another. Shelby is exceptional chiled but not all childeren are like Shelby. You can turn homeless any time Unless you areSHELBY

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You just don't know it.  Somewhere along the way you lost understanding just how powerful you are.  But you are right, we humans are better in groups.  Family units and communities were very important up until recently in human history.  We always needed each other for survival.  That is nothing new.  What is new is that we have lost touch with how to grow things, how to raise our food, how to manufacture our own things.  Our communities are not self sufficient anymore and that makes us vulnerable.  100 years ago it was common for people to teach their children how to grow, hunt and store food.  Most of us don't have those skills anymore.  Nevertheless, we all still possess the potential....the inherent capability to learn.  Shelby is  not that unique really.  She just was able to tap into her basic ingenuity that was common place amongst our ancestors.  And also, no one ever told her that she couldn't do it....that it wasn't possible.....that she was too weak.  So there was no mental block to stop her.

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