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Bobbex - The Best Deer Repellent Available

My results of using Bobbex Deer Repellent for 2 weeks.

For those of you who watch my YouTube videos or read my blog updates then you know for the past several years I have had a severe problem with deer eating everything in my garden.  It was suggested to me to give a product called Bobbex a try from a fellow YouTube friend who was using the electric scarecrows and switched to only using Bobbex.

I bought a 32oz bottle of concentrate that makes about 2.5 gallons of repellent when mixed with water.  The repellent smells awful and the smell does not go away for about 2 days.  Even though you can't smell it, the deer can because their sense of smell is many times greater than a humans.  The repellent needs a few hours to completely dry and will not wash off in even the heaviest rain.  You will however need to re-apply to any new growth on your plants.  I wouldn't recommend using it on your leafy greens BUT you can do what I did and soak some heavy string and put it right down the row a few times and the smell is enough to keep them away.  I had the problem where the deer would eat my beans as soon as they came up but putting the string soaked in Bobbex and running it low to the ground kept them away.  I'm so happy!

Bobbex is made from all natural ingredients and is completely safe.  Here are is the list of ingredients according the label:


putrescent whole egg solids
cloves, garlic oil
wintergreen oil
fish meal
fish oil
magnesium sulfate
magnesium silicate
sodium benzoate
cat food


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