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Cloning King Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii) From Store Bought Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushrooms From Whole Foods

I bought a package of King Oysters from Whole Foods (which was rather expensive) and I wanted to grow this mushroom for myself. 

The stem butts were cut off the mushrooms so I decided to take slices of the inside tissue and add them to cardboard pieces inside of petri dishes.  The cardboard I had put inside of a jar of water and boiled it in the microwave for 20 minutes.  I took one layer of cardboard off of each piece and threw it away.  I added the slices to the wavy side of the cardboard.  I put the dished in the dark at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

King Oyster Mycelium

The pieces started to look a little fuzzy around day 5 and here is a photo from today, day 6.  My goal is to spread the mycelium across the cardboard and then add it to a full jar of coffee grounds.  Once the grounds are fully covered I'll add them to a bag of straw like I did with my grey oyster mushrooms.  Growing mushrooms is so much fun.  YOU MUST TRY IT!  I'll keep updating this experiment here.




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It's taken a long time to start spreading.  Hopefully they take off.

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That looks like mold in the last pic, but I've never done King Oysters so I may be wrong. Have you had any luck so far?


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It took a long time but they finally were ready to add to straw this past Sunday.  I only had 2 dishes that didn't get the green mold.  I will not be starting on cardboard in the future.  Today I can see it spreading fast so I'm very happy.  We're testing out wood shavings right now as part of my son's science fair project.  Straw vs. wood.  I'll post some photos as we take them.  Just started that last night.

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Cool. I'm glad to hear that it's working for you. Would you say King Oyster Mushrooms are more of a challenge to grow than other oysters - from your experience so far? - (I'm thinking about ordering some spawn to start with and wondering whether I should try the Kings or just stick with maybe blue oysters).


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