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Cloning Tomato Plants and Planting Strawberries

1" Rockwool Cubes

I just purchased 200 1" rockwool cubes for $19.95 including shipping.  I'll be using these for cloning plants and for my hydroponics over the summer months.  I prefer the smaller cubes over the 1.5" cubes because I can use this size with my Aerogarden and also you get more for the money.

Burpee Big Boy Tomato Plant Clones

Here are a couple of Burpee Big Boy tomato plants that I cloned 6 days ago using 1.5" rockwool cubes and used TakeRoot rooting hormone to get them started. The plant in the middle is a petunia that I'm cloning but I didn't have my Takeroot handy when I cloned it so it is taking a bit longer.

Strawberry Plants

I bought 3 huge pots from somebody on craigslist a few weeks ago and decided to use them for strawberry plants.  Strawberry plants were on sale this week for $9.50 for 12 plants.  I bought 12 and put 6 in each pot.  I hoping they take off and send out runners so I can get more plants off of these.

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