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Exotic Plants Indoors

So I bought a dragon fruit cutting about a year or so ago, and now I have a tall "tree" I guess you could say, and I'm just waiting on it to flower. I used the umbrella method and pvc pipe. It hangs over a square shape at the top. I never thought I could keep a plant like that indoors, but I do have grow lights to help it during winter. Not fully knowing whether a dragon fruit could survive in New Jersey, I'm not sure if I lucked out or not, but In hopes to try my luck again I bought a Theobroma Cacao to have indoors as well. People say it's a challenge but how much of a challenge is it REALLY? I'm willing to do what I can to help replicate it's conditions. I've heard that having a tray of pebbles with water as well as a plastic bag over it helps. I'm planning on building a tall plastic structure sort of like a tall dome, with the tray of pebbles as the base that my pot sits on. This plant has to be mobile so I can set it outside when summer comes, I'll figure out how to keep it out of direct sunlight when I get to that point. Still if anyone has one of these guys at home or knows any tricks and tips to help it fruit eventually I would love to hear about it! Thank you!

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