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First Ripe Outdoor Tomato Of The Season - Independence Day Tomato

My first ripe tomato of the season is the Independence Day or also called Fourth Of July Tomato.

Independence Day Tomato Plant

Out of all the varieties I planted the Independence Day tomato was the first to produce a red ripe tomato (perfect at that!).  As you can see above the red once is the one we picked.  I planted these in April from seed and although it's August it still was my first ripe tomato.  They are supposed to take 49 days once planted in the ground so it's pretty close since I put them out in early June.  The orange color one is from a megabloom and has one tomato from two flowers that fused.  That is quite rare.

Independence Day Tomato Plant

As you can see above the Independence Day plant is a nice producer and has not had any problems with disease.  It is a hybrid tomato plant so seeds would not be reliable to save and get the same result with the next generation so they need to to be purchased fresh every year.  Here is the cheapest I found them on the internet: CHEAP TOMATO SEED LINK CLICK HERE!

4th Of July Tomato Plant

As you can see the plants get pretty tall.  This one is 6 feet tall.  Yes, I know I need to do some weeding!

4th Of July Tomato Sliced

Here is how the look once sliced.  They are delicious!  We'll be growing a few of these next year as well.  My seeds should last another 3 years or so.  More tomato blog photos coming soon for other varieties!





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