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Growing lettuce under grow lights


I'm planing to grow lettuce in hydroponics but wanted to know what is better to use...CFL Lights or Fluorescent tubes?

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I've used both CFL and fluorescent for growing lettuce indoors.  Go with fluorescent.  You'll get more area lit up for less cost.  Use either a T5 light or overdriven T8.  You can get a double row under 2 lights.  See my photo that I took last January below that I did under the overdriven T8 bulbs in a DWC hydroponic unit.

Indoor Hydroponic Lettuce Under Grow Lights

Nice and green eh?  These are just over 30 days old from seed.  Everything grows fast in hydroponics under the right conditions.

Hey, that looks really good.  I always wanted to give hydroponics a try.

I used the CFL lights that Sleestak made in his videos.  I only use two 26 watt CFL bulbs and grow in dirt and grow 3 heads of lettuce at a time (we don't need more than that).  I alternate the planting time so we always have fresh lettuce.  I'll post a photo if I can figure out how.

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