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Growing Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds: Harvest Time!


The third and final video in my mushroom growing series.

At one point in the video you see 3 coffee cans stacked up inside the fruiting chamber.  Well what I did was mix straw and mycelium and packed the cans with holes cut out of the sides.  Today one of the cans started to pin and here is a photo of that.  These are grey oyster mushrooms.

Grey Oyster Mushrooms Pinning


Emmett_Grogan_Lives's picture

Thanks much! Your efforts are like ripples on a pond... They have touched me in the Canadian Rockies, and I have attempted to duplicate your success. Your trial and error I expect has saved me a failure or two, and in fact without your example I likely would not have even tried.

Miles of smiles...


Miles of smiles...

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