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Hi brand new to hydroponics need some help!


I want to build a tower garden I'll be placing in for now ( I live in ny) in my den south facing so the tower should have full sun .  I have a few questions...

... Where does everyone purchase the items that you can't get from your local hardware store or lowes?

 ...Once the system is set up, how soon usually does one need to add more water / fertilizer   Last question....what are the MUSTS to check how your water is doing which ones would you recommend or any other items you can't live without for your hydroponic system.

Seeds...are all seeds created equal which ones do you purchase ?


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The items you can't buy at the hardware store I get at Amazon or the local hydroponic store.  There are actually quite a few hydroponic stores around if you do an internet search. 

As for the water I change it out about every 3 weeks and if it runs low I just make a single gallon and dump it in.  Get yourself a cheap PH and TDS meter.  They run about $15 or less each.  Those are a must have.

As for seeds I buy cheap ones on sale each spring from any company but Burpee.  Burpee is the only company that I had trouble with.  Their seeds were not what was in the package.  If you order seeds online I'd buy from Seed Savers Exchange.  I've had nothing but a positive experience with them.

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