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How To Replace The Ignition Coil On A Briggs And Stratton Lawn Mower



My ignition coil went out on my lawn mower so I decided to film my repair.  In the video I show you how to test and replace the ignition coil on a Briggs and Stratton engine from start to finish.  I also show where to find the serial/model number which is not visible without taking it apart.  I hope it helps some of you out.  Here's the part I ordered:  IGNITION COIL FROM AMAZON

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Most people do not know how simple some repairs are if you have a little mechanical know how. For me, I would rather come to help someone BEFORE they have the parts all over the garage floor with no idea how to put things back together. That is just me I guess?? This was (as all of your posts are) very complete and will help out most people. Very nice. 

Only thing I might add is maybe a little info about the magnets and their function.


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They showed us in 8th grade (1983??) to totally take apart and re-assemble a small engine.  It was about 2 years after that I found a mini-bike in my neighbor's shed while mowing their lawn.  They said have at it and I learned so much with that determination to get it to go.  It worked after I begged for a few trips up to the store for a few parts.

My kids are the same age now and I know they don't teach that. Just like they never teach to balance a check book.  It's up to parents.

Thanks for you comment!

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