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Hydroponic Basil? Sort of?


Hi, I'm not much of a gardener, but I'm not completely hopeless either. I recently bought a bunch of basil from the farmer's market. When I got it home, I cut off the ends of the stems and put it in a glass of water to keep it fresh, like I always do. Well it's been 10 days and there's a ton of new growth, and roots have sprouted. I'd really love to foster this plant as I live in a place where I get almost zero sunlight. I've tried to research hydroponic basil, and there's a ton of information. It's a little overwhelming. There are about 4 different individual sprigs with small white roots. What kind of food should I put in the water? Should I separate them each into their own glass? Any help would be great!

Drop fish bubbler airstone in the water. 

Hydroponics works because of air in the water.

The roots will drown in stagnant water.

You cannot go wrong with General Hydroponics nutrients.

They are clean, consistent, and are the standard.

Now be aware that when you put nutrients in the water, if the water is exposed to light, you will be growing algae.

Growing algae is just part of living on Earth.

Cover the root water to shield this part from light.

Yes, algae did appear.  I didn't know I had a response here but thank you for the reply.

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