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Hydroponic Stevia vs. Stevia Grown In Soil

Just a quick update on what is going on in the indoor garden.  This first picture is of the hydroponic stevia.  It has really surpassed the stevia in soil.  Everything on this shelf is under two T5 grow lights and two T8 grow lights.hydroponic stevia


This second photo is of the 2 stevia plants that I have growing in soil.  They are shorter, and thinner than the stevia in hydroponics.  Just compare the stem sizes!

stevia in soil


Below you can see how the hydroponic lemon basil has really taken over and is loaded with flowers.  I'll have plenty of seed for sure.  It is covering up a spinach plant...which is struggling for light.

hydroponic lemon basil and spinach


The next 2 photos are of my hoy tomato plants with a few tomatoes.  One is ripe and the other is growing VERY slowly.  I'm just going to use these for seeds.  The seeds will be 100% hoy since there are no other tomato plants for it to cross pollinate with.  They didn't get nearly as big as the ones I grew outdoors.

ripe hoy tomato

green hoy tomato

The tomato plant will be taken down before April 1st because I need to start my seeds for my outdoor garden and need the lights.  This will be a great year!

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