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Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-15-2012

Well everything is doing very nice today.  Here are 3 photos I took this morning to give you a quick peek before I make a video next weekend.  My peppers (not shown) had a rough start due to me leaving them in the germination container too long but they are taking off now.

My lettuce shown below is green and healthy.  I just switched them over to Maxigrow at 400PPM. 

hydroponic lettuce


My tomato growth slowed for a few days so I changed the nutrients to Maxigrow at 1100 PPM (up from 600).  That was yesterday so I haven't seen any results yet.

hydroponic tomato


My cucumbers started to get a slight yellowing around the leaf edges.  I think it was due to lack of potassium.  The Dyna-Grow I was using only has 5% so I switched it to Maxigrow which is 15%.  I'll have a video update next weekend and go over everything.

hydroponic cucumber



Is the first picture is realy theyy look soo cute thanks for the natural pics and your experience.

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