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Indoor Winter Garden Update 4-8-2012

Well I took down my cucumber plants since they failed to produce any cucumbers worth eating.  Next time I'll try a variety that self pollinates.  I had many flowers on the bell peppers but none produced fruit and dropped off.  I cut down on the nitrogen to see if that will help with that.  The Jalapeno peppers looking great and are just starting to get buds.  When I grew them outdoors last year they didn't produce peppers until the end of the season.  Now, the Van Wert Ohio tomatoes finally produced a few ripe ones that were rather small but there are much bigger ones still growing and still green.  I'm going to trim all the suckers and growing tips today and clone them for this year's outdoor garden.  I'll probably take the tomato plants down in 2 weeks and use the light to support my new plants until they are ready to go outside.  That's all for now...See the video update below!


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