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LED Grow Light Review With Hydroponic Lettuce

LED Grow Light

The folks at came across my website and asked if I would review their 225 High Power Ultrathin Blue Red LED Plant Grow Light Panel.  I've tried, built and tested just about every kind of grow light out there so I jumped at the opportunity to try out their LED grow light.  About a week after they contacted me the package arrived from UPS and everything arrived well packaged and in perfect condition.  After opening the package there were 3 main components.


The LED Panel - 12"x12"


The LED Power Supply

LED Grow Light Hanger

The Hanging Kit For The LED Panel

The LED panel only took about 5 minutes to hang.  There are 4 hooks that clip to the back of the panel at each corner making it level once suspended.  I decided the best test for the light would be to grow lettuce since it only takes about 30 days to get a nice size plant from seed.  I germinated some lettuce in 1" rockwool cubes and put the best 3 plants into a deep water culture hydroponic system.  I used Maxigo for my nutrient solution running at 450 PPM.  I tested out the wattage of the light using a Kill A Watt meter and got a reading hovering around 22.2 watts which means that it would only cost me about 3 cents per day to run this light.  Below you can see photos of everything I just described.

Kill A Watt meter  LED Grow Light Wattage Use

The Kill A Watt reading and cost to run the LED light.  Click here to use this calculator yourself.

Lettuce Geminated In Rockwool Cubes

Lettuce Geminated In Rockwool Cubes

Lettuce In Hydroponics

4 Days In the unit

Lettuce In Hydroponics

9 Days in the unit

Lettuce In Hydroponics

27 Days in the unit

I decided to end the growth experiment on day 27 because the lettuce plants started to bolt due to the high temperatures in my print shop.  The LED light itself does not give off any heat at all and is only warm to the touch.  The machines and other lights with it being summer are what caused the 90 degree+ temperature in the room.  At one point one of the lettuce leaves touched the LED panel and the only damage was one little spot on the leaf as you can see in the photo below.

LED Grow Light Burn

This is where the LED touched the leaf.

My Final Thoughts About This Grow Light:

I thought the grow panel grew lettuce just as good as any other grow light that I have used but with the benefit of extreme low electrical use.  I have grow lettuce with CFL bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and metal halide bulbs.  This was my first time growing with an LED grow light and very impressed with the results.  Here's a brief rundown of my thoughts:

  • Energy efficient
  • Light weight
  • No heat
  • Can be used close to the plants without burning
  • Easy to set up
  • The plants love it!

Below are the specs for this panel:





Power Supply AC100-250V
Output Voltage 40V
Frequency 47-63Hz
LED Qty 225pcs
Color Red and Blue
LED Bulbs Power 30w in total
Lumen(Red/Blue) Red: 14Lux x 165LEDs (2310lux in total)
Blue: 13Lux x 60 LEDs (780lux in total)
Wavelength Red: 660nm
Blue: 450nm
LEDs Diameter 5mm
Working Temperature -10 to 50 degree Celsius
Working Humidity Less than 95%
Power Cord Length 25 inch
Light Panel Size 12" L x 12" W x 1/4" H
Recommended Height Within 3.28 feet high above plants
Recommended Coverage One panel per 21.5 to 32.3 square feet
Specific Distance and Lighting Coverage:
Distance to Plants Lighting Coverage
20inch 18-1/2 square feet
40inch 32-1/4 to 43 square feet
60inch 43 to 53-4/5 square feet
80inch 53-4/5 to 64-1/2 square feet

Here is a video I created showing this review in full step by step.



If you're interested in the 225 High Power Ultrathin Blue Red LED Plant Grow Light Panel, visit this link at


testmonkey's picture

I'm a rookie at earth gardening.  I am very interested in hydroponics and LED lighting, but thought it out of my price range for now...... the LED lights that is..... until your video. For x-mas my family bought me Jump Start Growing System so this year I need to use it.   Your video how to on the Garden Tower was incredible I love you engineering. Keep up the good work. I WILL be collecting the parts for my own tower and with your instructions during this summer I am going to build two towers one for me and one for my son.

Sincere THANKS Tim

SleestaksRule's picture

Haha.  Just be sure to see all the improvements that people have added to the towers before you make one.  The LED lights I haven't touched since the grow that you saw.  I've been giving total attention to growing oyster mushrooms which is challenging and fun.  The Jump Start is a good system.  I think it uses T5 bulbs which is great.

Thanks again for the kind words!

Very interesting blog with great ideas and information and everybody like this..

regardless of the effectiveness or not of the LED lights to grow our indoor plants, one area I am particular about is on the issue of its being environmental friendly LED Grow Lights

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