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Low Cost Grow Light and Stand


This is a basic low cost light stand. It is not my design the credit goes to MPH Gardner who can be found on Youtube.

The parts list and dimensions are listed below the images.   Do not glue the parts together, hand fit them so that the stand is portable.

The stock is 1” PVC and a 4 bulb light fixture with 4 T8 bulbs, chains come with the fixture.  I use the setup to start seeds in the dome and then move them to the grow container on the left, before moving them outside to my hydro grow DWC.

The plastic tub on the left has two air stones and with a light nutrient solution (Masterblend). The small net pots are cut into blue Styrofoam insulation.  I use the blue rather than white because the white is too messy.  I also use the blue to cover my DWC outside.

I live in Florida but still like to get start plants inside. Basil, lettuce and bell peppers do fine I also start onions, beets and carrots in the dome and then move them outside to the raised garden.

The pics were taken on January 22, today is February 1 and I have had to raise the light because the basil is growing fast.

Part                           Inches            Qty                                          Part              Qty

Uprights                      20                    4                                          Cross               1

Horizontals Upper      24                    2                                           Elbows            8

Short Center Upper    5                    2                                            4 Bulb Light Lowes  1

Short Base                  5                   4                                           T8 Bulbs            4

Tee                                                  4                                             Eye Bolts         2

                                                                                                      Nuts                  2




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