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Movie Review: Now Forager

Now Forager DVD

I came across this movie while searching Amazon for mushroom hunting videos.  I thought "Oh cool, a mushroom hunting movie!".  Amazon had the DVD and the Amazon instant video version.  I looked around the internet and found a free streaming version on Hulu but it had commercials which was no big deal to me.  I'll post that below.

The movie is about a husband and wife team that forage mushrooms in the woods of New Jersey and New York to sell to local restaurants.  They live a poor simple life with many hardships.  The wife is offered a job from one of their customers to work in the kitchen.  She is wanting a more stable career and takes the offer.  That is the beginning of this team going down different paths in life.

What I really loved about this movie is that it really brings to mind my mushroom hunting experiences and with it being December, it was great to see.  There are great shots of harvesting different types of mushrooms like morels, oysters, and hen of the woods.  They must have filmed this movie an entire year to catch each one of these in season.  Wonderful filming.

I also liked that they included the couple going from restaurant to restaurant trying to sell their harvests which looks like it's not all that easy.  At one point they are selling hen of the woods for $10lb and had 35lbs worth.  Pretty cool since I found my first one this last season which was just over 1lb.

The movie is well worth watching for anybody into growing or hunting edible mushrooms, especially during the off season.  I highly recommend this film.




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