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Mushroom Hunting 2018

I took a couple years off from morel mushroom hunting due to many deaths in the family but I'm back to it this year.  I went looking on May 5th to my usual spot and it looked like the middle of April out there.  Leaves are just starting to come out and in a forest that usually has peasant backs where ever you look, this only had a small patch in a sport that never fails.  I left them alone but took a few photos which I posted below.  I also found a shelter made of logs that must have had tarps over it since I found a few bungee cords that god left behind around it.  Still it was kind of cool to find.  I'll be heading out again in the next week.  One funny thing is that there are no mosquitos out yet and usually at this time I would be fighting them off.

shelter I found

peasant back mushroom 2018

pheasant back mushrooms 2018

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