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My Second Day Out Mushroom Hunting

I was able to get out to my old mushroom hunting site and was surprised to see it was a little behind my new site as far as mushroom progress.  It could have something to do with temperature since the site is in a low lying area with huge trees.  Anyway I did find dryad's saddle mushrooms just beginning to pop out and too some photos.  The trees are so twisted and old that they make for cool photos.  In a few weeks you won't be able to see as far across the forest due to the leaves.

unknown mushroom

old elm tree forest for mushroom hunting

baby pheasants back mushroom starting

baby pheasants back mushroom

baby dryad's saddle mushroom

baby dryad's saddle mushroom

baby dryad's saddle mushroom

And the snapping turtle pond...

snapping turtle pond

The pond is in a different are of the woods that is a little higher up in elevation and is surrounded by oak trees.  This is where I find the hen of the woods mushrooms.

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