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My version of the vertical rain tower


Differences: I cut the fence post in half, and have two towers going up.  I'm using an ecoplus 633 tee'd off.  The pipe going to the top is a 3/4"x36" hardline irrigation tube going through a 4" pyramid fence post top with holes drilled through it, and at the top is a mushroom water spreader thing that helps spread the water.  The 4" fence top is held in place with 4 screws that it kind of sits on top of. 

The reservoir is not a 5 gallon bucket.  It's about a 30-35gallon tub I found at wal mart with a relatively durable top.  Inside are two cinder blocks to help with stability, and two air stones.  Total net pots is 28. 

Other than those things it's pretty much exactly the same as the original creator's.  Oh I also have a 2" peep hole thing that I put on the lid to refill/add nutrients and stuff.  I just got it all together today so I'm gonna let the water circulate for another day or two before putting some of the plants in.

I hope it works!

Any tips or anything would be awesome.  This is my first go at a hydroponics setup.

I love seeing these towers.  So many versions out there.

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That's a good idea cutting in half.  None of the post goes to waste.  Only thing I can suggest is keep the tower in the shade for a few days when you put the plants in.  The sun really burns up smaller plants that are just put in.  I'll embed yours with the others on the rain tower page.  Thanks for posting!

Thanks for the comments and advice!  Right now it's not in direct sunlight, which apparently is good!  Maybe at some point once they're mature and ready to produce some edible stuff I should think about putting them in the sun a bit more?



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Keep an eye on it the first couple of hours in the sun.  I had lettuce that I put out and it started to get fried.  Only took about 90 minutes and the leaves start to wilt.

Here's a video of a guy who's plants started to fry, not sure how it came out:

have you or could you post your design? I am curious how you used the single pump to flow two towers worth of water and power to airstones. Did you set them up in series? Just getting into your idea, thanks for the help.

I just tee'd off the line from the water pump.  I had to add a second reservoir for the more mature plants, since one of my tomatos got way too big for the tower.  I tee'd off one of the air pump lines and put another stone in that reservoir, too.

The big tomato plant just started sprouting little flowers.

I had to order the fence post from HomeDepot - I'm going to pick it up tonight.   I was thinking about doing the dual tower like this also.  I think I saw that same plastic storage case at Wal-mart.

Thanks for posting.


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