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Hey all, I've built a Deep Water Culture system.  Also in the process of building a Aeroponics system.  My DWC I germinated the seeds in rockwool.  But I dont think I left them in it long enough for the roots to get established.  Learning curve. 

So, a few questions I have as a Newbie.

1st; Am I correct in letting the seeds germinate and establish a root system before I transfer them to the clay pebbles?

2nd;  I have a ph meter.  I cal it about every month to ensure it is correct.  I also bought a PPM meter of Ebay.  I check the PH and PPM daily.  Also I am using well water.  My PPM is always high.  I believe I need to switch to RO water.  This might help the PPM issue.

Am I on the right path?  I am growing everything outdoors for now.  I wanted to make sure that I can prove hydroponics before I buy expensive light.

Any contributions would be helpful.



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Let the roots pop out the bottom of the rockwool and then put the plants into the hydroton.  Lettuce will then extend roots past the net pot in about 3 days.  I put my rockwool all the way to the bottom of the net pot then fill it with hydroton.  Works every time.  Do you mean your PH is always high?

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