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Nutrient Solution

Hi all,

I am new to the Hydroponic world! I am in the works of completing my rain tower! I started out at 8 feet using a 5 gallon bucket but I was not happy with how unsteady it was (I have two labs and I didn't want to be paranoid of them knocking it over while they were out side!). So I cut it down to i think 6 feet and now using a Rubbermaid container and I am a lot happier!!

I am so excited to see my stuff growing in it! I have my Tomatoes, Lettuce, and spinach going right now!


My question is have any of you used Fox Farm Hydroponic Plant Food?

If so is that all you added to the water? (After or before adjusting the PH)?

If not what would you suggest? 



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I've only used 2 brands.  Dynagrow and General Hydroponics dry powder, Maxigro and Maxibloom.  But yes, that's all I add to the water.  Did you update to the new way for the holes that hold the net pots?  It looks like you cut them the original way but it can be converted easily.

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