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Pepper problem


I have five bell pepper plants and one jalapeno plant that made it through the winter inside. Recently I downsized three of the plants from five gallon buckets to three. The buckets were too big for the plants and the smaller buckets provide more room and better movement. The problem i'm experiencing is the leaves have begun to curl upwards. I recently started watering them with rain water collected in a bucket and I'm wondering if there may have been something in the water to cause them to turn upwards. I also fertilized them when i moved them. Just wondering if anyone knows what the upwards curl might mean.

I had this happen...sometimes the blossoms will drop too and not form peppers.  I know there is a cheap way to fix this quick from some product at the drug store.  I'll post when I find what people told me.

Look at this video and see if it matches your peppers:

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I had the blossom drop in hydroponics and just cut back on my nitrogen....used 5/15/14 Maxibloom.  As for the curling leaves it sure seems like what is going on in that video.

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As an experiment I grew bell peppers and jalipeno peppers in 1 gallon grow bags last year.  I think 5 gallon would be way too much.  Although I did fine in the 1 gallon...I'm wondering if a little bigger bag would be better?

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