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Planting Virginia Gold Tobacco Seeds And Making Sweet Potato Slips

I planted these virginia gold tobacco seeds on March 28th, 2013.  Today is April 2nd and as you can see they are sprouting.  They actually came out 2 days ago but I just took this photo today.

Viginia Gold Tobacco Plants

The tobacco seeds are probably the smallest seeds I have ever planted.  They are smaller that a grain of salt.  I'm going to kill most of these plants since I only need about nine of them.  I attempted to grow them last season but they died due to me neglecting to water them for a few days.  They will be great to barter with if the US dollar loses value or some other disaster.

Below you can see how tiny they are before I planted them.

Viginia Gold Tobacco Seeds

Now for the sweet potato slips.  We have never grow sweet potatoes from plants that we started on our own.  We started these on Monday, April 1st, 2013.

I'll keep updating on them as they progress so you get and idea how long it takes to get plants that are ready to go into the ground.

Starting Sweet Potato Slips


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