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Rabbits and Deer Repellent


Hello Superman,

I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, and I must thank you for the occasional treat you supply me in the form of a video. I was having problems with rabbits/deer eating my pepper plants, so I asked an old wise man how to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again. He told me that they don’t like onion or garlic plants, so if one was to plant an outside perimeter of alternating said plants, then the pesky little jerks wouldn’t be interested in what’s behind the odor they dislike.

I took his advice and planted a perimeter. Much to my dismay it wasn’t helping at first, but once the plants were somewhat mature (about 8-10 inches tall) the little jerks stayed home. Having this new found knowledge, I thought that I should just leave the perimeter of onion and garlic alone and treat them like they were perennials. After the next winter, once the threat of frost was gone, I transplanted my seedling to the garden. By this time the perimeter fence of plants was already tall/mature enough to keep the bean eaters away. It’s been going on three years now and not one seedling has been lost to either one of those basterds, just this one…

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Ah!  This could be why I didn't have the problem this bad last year.  I had a few rows of onions right next to the rows of beans.  My onions were about 10 inches high about the time I planted the beans.  I'll give it a try next year.  Onions are cheap too.  There are lots of recipes out there for deer repellent but they all go in the first rain which would work for me since I water with timed sprinklers.


Thanks for the info!

Great tip!


I think I'll put onions in btween my rows of green beans.  The deer chowed all of my beans last year and nothing would stop them.  I think it was because of the drought and my garden had the greenest plants compared to outside of the garden.



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I agree. I also placed onions to my garden in between the rows of green beans I'd planted before. Well, I've noticed that rabbits/deer didn't ate my pepper plants. It's great idea you should try it.

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