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To rockwool or not to rockwool


Hi all. New to this site, actually hydroponics in general. Built a tower and it turned out pretty good. Now I'm getting ready to set up the new pots. Question: I ordered Everbearing strawberry plants from the internet and they came already rooted and ready to plant.  Do I just place the rooted plants in the net pot and surround the roots with Hydroton? Or, do the plants need the rockwool as a substrate?


no need for rockwool

wash the roots well 

soak in water for 1-2 hours and put them as you said

if the roots are too big open the bottom of the net pod

medium light for 2 weeks and increase if you can after that 

mosquito dunk for the first 3 weeks to kill any crap that came with the dirt 

in 2 months you might have nice strawberries 

p.s. cut the runners that you do not need

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