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Root Rot



I am using a passive system with air stones. I am growing lettuce and basil.  Whenever I change my nut solution my roots turn brown. I remove the dying roots and in a short period of time new nice white growth appears. I am using Masterblend with micro nutrients.  I tried an organic product from my local hydro store and didn't like the results so I went back to Masterblend.  And I have cleaned out my reservoir disinfected and started new and when I change nuts the roots still turn brown and begin dying.

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Are you using tap water?  If you are then there is likely chlorine in the water.  Run an air stone 24 hours in the water before adding the plants to it to get the chlorine out.  The chlorine is killing the roots but then they recover as it is bubbled out of the water.

I doubt it is the Chlorine that is causing this...

I have been fighting with root rot myself and one of the ways to get rid of it is using bleach or chlorine (the same stuff used for pool) 

for major root rots I have heard/used dosage as high as 1 cup per 5 gallon of water of bleach

and 5ml/per gallon for maintenance

there is a product called Clear Rez out there for root rot which is equal to 1gram of HTH pool shock in 1 gallon of water which is again just chlorine...

unless your tap water is really high on chlorine and smells like pool water I doubt that is it. but please let us know how it goes..


I used to be so careful to store my water in buckets for 2-3 days before use to get rid of chlorine but after seeing the treatments for root rot It was a no brainer to do that. 

all this applies only if you are running a clean system and not adding microbs and fungi of your own. 


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It'll turn brown overnight.  This is actually a great experiment.  I had the same problem when starting/learning hydroponics,  I'll get the test going.



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