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Sage Plant From Buds To Bloom

About 10 days Ago I noticed my sage plants were getting buds so I snapped a photo.  Today as you can see they are in full bloom.  I planted these 3 years ago in these planters and they have been thriving in them ever since.  I don't give them any special attention and they survive the harsh Illinois winters.  They are a good plant to have around since they have many medicinal uses.  As for cooking sage is best used in tomato sauces and great on potatoes.

sage plant buds

sage plant flowers

sage plant herb


That's a nice photos. My wife would like to have that plant in our garden. Well, it's easy to start plants easily indoors from seed or in the garden in early spring. However, plants grown from seed may not have the same leaf shape and color as the parent plant. A better way to grow high-quality sage is to take cuttings from an established plant. Set plants or thin seedlings to stand 24 to 30 inches apart.

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