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Shoreline Grow Bag Experiment

grow bag experiment

This year I decided to try grow bags on our shoreline to see how they would do with direct sun and a constant supply of water.  What I did was dig a hole deep enough so that the ground water would fill the hole a few inches.  The holes in the bottom of the grow bags will allow water to seep into the bag and be wicked up into the bag's soil.  Here you can see I planted 2 jalapeno pepper plants, 1 Rutgers tomato plant, and one unknown heirloom tomato plant.  I used 1 gallon grow bags for the peppers and 5 gallon grow bags for the tomatoes.

sticks to discourage deer

Here you can see I pushed sticks into the ground to discourage deer from eating the plants.  There are fresh deer tracks along the shore every morning.  I don't know if it will stop them but it's better than nothing.

shoreline pumpkins

3 weeks ago we threw about 500 pumpkin seeds in a freshly tilled strip along the shore and raked them into the sand.  Here you can see they started to grow.  We counted 32 plants.  The seeds were from 2010 and we weren't sure that they would grow.  We saw evidence that lots of seeds were eaten by the birds.

I'll keep updating this ever few weeks to show how things are growing.


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Trying new things is good and also we come to know about them through you. You have always provided the helpful tips and made us aware what is good for gardening. These Grow Bag idea seems to be new and I am looking forward to see the reviews you give after trying them.

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