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weird mushrooms

hi guys--i have these 2 mushrooms growing in my river rock in my front yard--there about 5" tall--the stem is a dark rusty/rosey color--and bright--the tops are 5-6 " across and creamy white around the edges--and light yellow going back to the stem-which is the same color (red) and very shiney-they are growing under a bush and it's shady--sorry i don't have a camera to take a picture--it's been modertaly cool and dry for the last 2 weeks--

Mushrooms are the last piece in the circular transference of life. They break down organic matter and turn it back into minerals and nutrients that plants need to grow. There is so much to mushrooms that most gardeners don't realize. Those mushies under your bush are fixing the soil and working with the root systems of that bush to help it grow larger. If you are interested research Paul Stamets. He has brilliant research on this subject. Did you know the largest living thing in the world is not the Redwood Forest, but the mycelium network that works beneath the soil of the Redwood. It can be seen from space.
The mycelium network are like neurons in your nervous system, and electrically communicate the environmental status from only a few inches beneath the soil. A great gardening tip: look into getting rhizomic fungi for seed starting. You will be harvesting monster veggies and can do so fully organically. If you are wondering the species of mushroom you have that is hard to tell without picture. But most yellowish brown or rust colored mushrooms are poisonous. Especially if the gills are brown. I know I sound fanatical but mushrooms are truly a wonder to this earths biosphere and one of Gods most interesting creations.


A group of mushroom hunters in Portland, a few years back, mistakenly ate some they'd picked. A couple of days later three of them were at Oregon Health Sciences with destroyed livers. They all got liver transplants and survived. I believe they ate the mushroom called "destroying angel" but don't have time to double check.

It's too risky unless you are absolutely sure.

Hey guys !Good insight on mushrooms with all their medicinal benefits in helping cancer and their mystical nature, just happened to come across a site - Mushroomsource with all supplies and tools to grow mushrooms, thought I'll share with you guys!

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