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what kind of metal halide bulbs do I use?


I just got some 400w metal halide warehouse light fixtures. I rewired them for 120v with the help of your videos on youtube.

I was wondering what kind of bulbs I should use. They came with some slightly used sylvania 400w bulbs. I don't know if they are anygood for growing.

How many lumens and watts and what color?

I'm new to this if you can't tell.

Thanks so much!

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I bought the cheap ones at Lowes.  They only carry 1 400 watt there so it's easy to find.  I'm not sure of it's lumens but it is over 30,000.  Plantmax makes a cheap MH bulb and they are about $18 on Amazon.  I use their HPS conversion bulb on my MH fixtures.  Works great.

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