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Every day book authors offer their books for free trying to get reviews for their books.  Usually these books are only available for a day or two and then go back to their regular price.  On this page I will be sharing the book or books that I find and update every day or as long as the book remains free.  So bookmark this page and check back regularly because there are some real gems that you do not want to miss!  If you find a book that is no longer free, please send me a message.  Enjoy!

FREE BOOKS January 31, 2015

Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food

Fall and Winter Gardening

Complete guide to growing organic vegetables for a fall and winter garden. This book explains which vegetables can survive in cold weather and how to grow them. Recommended for backyard gardeners and container gardeners who want to grow food for fresh eating all year round. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces gardening book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine.

Topics Include
● Introduction to Late Season Vegetable Gardening
● 25 Vegetables for Cool Seasons
● Starting Vegetables From Seed
● When to Plant in Your Area
● Preparing the Soil and Fertilizing
● Garden Rows, Raised Beds, and Containers
● Extending Your Season
● Harvesting and Storing Your Produce
● Resources: More Information

Grow Food from Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden This Fall
Those summer tomatoes sure were good. Now that the harvest is in and the summer is nearly gone, what's left to do? Plant a fall garden! Yes, you can, even in a cold climate. This book covers short season varieties of many organic vegetables. Learn which vegetables can survive the cold weather and how to provide them some simple protection from the elements. Grow food for your family, eat healthy, and save some money by vegetable gardening this fall.

This book describes 25 varieties of vegetables you can plant late and grow deep into the year for harvest in late fall, winter, and early spring. All the vegetables covered here are hardy in cool temperatures. They will thrive in cool fall weather and they can handle an early frost. Some of them can handle a hard frost and keep on trucking, particularly when they are protected using one of the techniques covered in this book. This is organic vegetable gardening for everyone, almost any time, any place.

The Secrets to Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening

Many of these vegetables can be stored during the winter and kept until you need them. A few of them can even be left in the ground and covered with a thick mulch blanket over the winter for the first harvest of the new year in early spring. All of them are delicious and can be eaten fresh or preserved by freezing, drying, canning, or pickling them for later use.

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