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Free Gardening Books For Prime Members

Here are a few free gardening books that are only free to Amazon Prime members.  You can read on your PC using free software that is able to read books for the Kindle from Amazon.  If you already own a Kindle then you'll love these free books.  It's very easy to use and install.  Some of the books are great and some not so good but, hey, they're free!  Just click the image next to each book description and add it to you're cart and start reading!


Here is the link to download the free Kindle For PC software:

How To Make A Tipsy Pot

From the author: I hope this instructional booklet guides you through the process of making something you will enjoy for many years to come. I have strived to make this process as easy as possible. I really believe anyone can have a quirky planter or herb garden with a minimum amount of time and effort, even if you’ve never done a project like this before. I like mine and trust you will too!




Homesteading Ideas For Growing What You Eat In Your Garden (No BS Guide On Homesteading And Self Sufficiency)

No BS Guide On Homesteading And Self Sufficiency

Do you enjoy dining on garden-fresh vegetables? Do you like to save money? Why not combine the two by homesteading so you can eat healthy veggies plucked fresh from your garden without breaking the bank?

Gardening is a delicate combination of art and science and there are a lot of basics like water, dirt, and keeping good insects around and bad insects shut out that you need to learn about. In this plain-talking handbook, William Whittaker explains all of the homesteading gardening basics required to set up and set your self-sufficiency homesteading dreams into motion without having to shift through loads of “B.S.” or fancy and confusing terminology.

This attractively-illustrated homesteading handbook is a useful kick starter for novice gardeners wishing to avoid costly common mistakes while quickly turn their homesteading ideas into a money-saving (instead of money draining) reality.

Planting Tomatoes (Tips Before You Begin)

Would you like to enjoy tomatoes fresh from your garden? Who wouldn’t, right? But sometimes the problem is knowing how to get started.
Planting Tomatoes--Tips Before You Begin is designed to help you make the decisions you need to make in order to get started. What variety is best for your gardening situation? Which ones are best for how you want to use the tomatoes—sandwiches, salads, or salsa? If you decide to use containers for your tomato garden, what size do you use and how do you use it?
With tips and FAQ’s, this book will help you clear the first hurdles and get you on your way to enjoying those delicious tomatoes you are anticipating. And if your harvest is better than anticipated, ideas are included that will keep your success from going to waste.



How to Grow Potatoes: Planting and Harvesting Organic Food From Your Patio, Rooftop, Balcony, or Backyard Garden

Perfect beginners guide to growing potatoes. This booklet explains how to plant and grow organic potatoes for food in the home garden. Recommended for backyard gardeners and container gardeners with small city-sized yards, patios, balconies, decks, and rooftops.







A 15-Minute Guide To Tomato Gardening: How to Grow Best Taste Tomato

Have you ever wanted to learn how to plant tomatoes but thought against it because it might be hard?

This eBook aims to be a beginner’s guide to those who wishes to learn how to cultivate tomatoes successfully.

By reading"A 15-Minute Guide To Tomato Gardening: How to Grow Best Taste Tomato"you will discover all the facets connected to tomato growing such as:



Sunlight Exposure and Temperature
Drainage Systems
Soil Preparation
Transplanting Tomato Seedlings
Life Cycle of a Tomato Plant
Crop Rotation
Quality Control/ Disease Prevention
Viral Infections
Dealing with Fungus in Tomato Plants
Quality Control

How To Compost Manure

"How to compost manure" and if you're a first time composter who wants to know the secrets of how to compost manure, and make great compost from horse manure, then you're about to discover how to have a better garden using composted manure right now!

In fact, if you want to know how make great compost, then this new Ebook - "How To Compost Manure" - gives you the answers that every first time composter faces, including:

                                     - How To Make Better Compost
                                     - Composting Horse Manure
                                     - Using Horse Manure to Compost Leaves
                                                                    - Using Red Worms To Improve The Composted Manure
                                                                    ... and more!

FOOD Gardening

This How-To ebook presents reliable time-tested information about how-to grow food by gardening. Gardening Theory and Practice are presented in two separate, easy to follow and understand sections. This book is for all persons interested in food gardening, gardening, good nutrition, and super eating experiences.

Gardening saves energy because it does not require food transport from grower to consumer, and food refrigeration until purchase. Gardening provides all ages with pleasant and healthful outdoor exercise, and direct contact with Mother Nature.

For those living in Northern locations with limited outdoor growing time, there is information on greenhouse growing. For those without access to gardening outdoors, information is provided about indoor light gardening, increasingly popular for apartment dwellers and persons with limited mobility. Gardening is a good deal for everyone who does it; gardening is good for the mind, the body, and the soul. If you don't garden already, give gardening a try; you will be very glad you did.

Container Gardening Designs & Woodworking Plans- Ideas for Organic Gardening & Urban Gardening

If you're new at container garden designs who wants to know how to make and build using woodworking plans then you're about to discover how to get started right now!

In fact, if you want to know how use woodworking plans to build nice looking planting boxes, then this new Kindle Book - "Container Gardening Designs & Woodworking Plans- Ideas for Organic Gardening & Urban Gardening"- gives you the answers to 2 important questions and challenges every First-time container gardener faces, including:

-How to make and build nice looking planter boxes
-You discover just how easy it is to make great looking cedar planting boxes
... And more!

So, if you're serious about having a great looking container garden made from wood on your patio or deck and you want to know all the steps to do it, then you need to grab a copy "Container Gardening Designs & Woodworking Plans- Ideas for Organic Gardening & Urban Gardening" right now, because wood working Expert, Jack Pollard, will reveal to you how every First-time wood worker, regardless of experience level, can succeed - Today!

Container Gardening Ideas Plus Vertical Gardening-How to Produce More Organic Vegetables in Less Space

If you're a First-time container gardener who wants to know the secrets of producing more vegetables in less space, then you're about to discover how to get started right now!

In fact, if you want to know how to garden in small spaces, then this new Kindle Book - "CONTAINER GARDENING IDEAS PLUS VERTICAL GARDENING-
HOW TO PRODUCE MORE ORGANIC VEGETABLES IN LESS SPACE"- gives you the answers to five important questions and challenges every First-time container gardener faces, including:

- Can you still produce vegetables in small spaces today
- Discover how to produce more vegetables using smaller planters
- What type of vegetables grow best in less soil
- How to make small amounts of compost
- Learn to make your own organic fertilizer mix
... and more!

How to Plant and Grow Tomatoes

"How to Plant & Grow Tomatoes" if you're a first time gardener who wants to know the secrets of how to grow tomatoes, and produce lots of fresh tomatoes, then you're about to discover how to have a better tomato garden right now!

In fact, if you want to know how grow better tomato plants, then this new Ebook - "How To Plant & Grow Tomatoes" - gives you the answers that every first time tomato gardener faces, including:

- How To Have Stronger Tomato Plant
- How to Produce loads of Freah Tomatoes
- Ways To Support Tomato Plants
-Better Ways to Fertilize Your Garden Soil
... and more!

Beginners Guide To Organic Gardening And Composting

We all learned in high school biology that "organic" refers to carbon compounds, or any material that is or was alive. The term "organic gardening" is used to mean cultivating plants without toxins meant to kill insects, weeds, and fungus, and without synthetic fertilizers. The advantage of organic gardening in your vegetable patch is obvious.

No one needs organophosphates or any other toxins on his or her veggies. We also don't need toxins getting into the soil, the water table, and, eventually, our tap water or the ocean. How can you have a good harvest without using toxic chemicals?

This book explains how to start an organic garden and compost pile. Start living a healthier life right now.

The Natural Beekeeper: Learning Organic Beekeeping Successfully

The implementation of natural methods of beekeeping is strongly encouraged. These methods help to reduce the stress on the bees as well as improve the production of honey. It will also reduce the exposure to chemicals that they experience and overall your bees will be healthier. As you go through the materials, you will learn effective ways that you can be a great beekeeper through relying on natural methods.




The Healthy Bee Hive: Effective Beekeeping Tips to Manage Honey Bee Pests and Treatments

Properly caring for your bee colonies is vital to their survival and to your ability to harvest honey from them. Bees are highly susceptible to various types of viruses, fungi, and diseases. As a quality beekeeper, it is your job to make sure that they have the best environment to thrive in. Prevention is a big part of ensuring that happens. Knowing what your bees need to prevent illness is very important.

Even with great methods in place though, your bees could develop some type of issue. Learning about what the causes are and effective treatment is very important. If you are able to identify the symptoms that something isn’t right with your bees, you can intervene soon enough to save them. You should also be incorporating methods that will prevent such a problem from spreading to other bee colonies within close proximity.

How To Become An Amazing Beekeeper: Discover the Essential Steps for Beekeeping Like an Expert

There are certain methods involved in beekeeping that enable you to do the job safely and successfully. Not only will you make a profit, but you will be able to reduce the stress of the bees. As you read through the materials here, you will be able to develop your beekeeping business the right way from the very start.

You will be able to avoid common pitfalls that can destroy this type of business in a hurry. Beekeeping may be something you are passionate about, so you just need to make sure you have the right tools and information to do it correctly. It can be a wonderful business that you enjoy being a part of!


Backyard Chickens for Beginners: Getting the Best Chickens, Choosing Coops, Feeding and Care, and Beating City Chicken Laws

Valuable guide for beginners on how to start a backyard mini-flock of 2-4 chickens and get fresh eggs every day. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine. (Updated 2012 Version)






Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food

Serious about growing some of your own food? Ready to extend your growing season into fall and winter? I just finished this book and I hope you'll find it really helpful. I limited it to 25 vegetables that you can plant and grow in a short period of time. So even if you are browsing this in late summer or fall, there is still time.




Back to Basics

How can we cope with the difficult economic situation we are facing? By re-discovering the traditional values of work, thrift and self-reliance. This is the formula that is suggested by Franz Sidney in her mildly humorous, down-to-earth, politically-incorrect book. Franz has written her book to help others who kept asking how they could improve their situation, whether they were poor, just coping, or well off. Here you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions to apply to any aspect of your life that you wish to change for good. Topics range from gardening for beginners to making your own toiletries, smart shopping techniques and methods for making your children earn their gifts. This book will give you enough information and motivation to get started right away, become more independent and enjoy the process.



7 Myths About Aquaponics

If you have ever tried to keep tropical fish – or even the odd goldfish – you may be put off trying aquaponics due to the problems you’ve experienced.

Perhaps you had a kitchen windowledge like a chemist’s shop, with medicines for various fishy ailments and potions for altering the acidity of the water, the alkalinity of the water, the nitrate content of the water, the wateriness of the water. It can seem that you can never get the water just right for the little creatures.

Maybe you got fed up of waiting for the kids to keep their fervent promise to clean the aquarium every week - and ended up doing it yourself and having to clear a month’s worth of gunge out of the filters and off the glass every time.

Organic Vegetable Growers Guide

Here is the information you need to have a wonderful organic garden. This is special information not found any where else and is the result of over 35 years as a Professional Organic Gardener





How To Grow Roses

The art of growing roses does not require any experience and skills. You will only need to identify the right roses, make sure that the roses receive at least 6 hours of sun every day. Lastly, make sure that the roses are watered on regular basis. If you follow those steps and more detailed steps exposed in this report, you will be the proud owner of healthy roses.
In most cases roses are the most undervalued and less understood plants in the modern world of landscaping. A majority of the people have a strong belief that nearly all the garden roses are very troublesome. These plants are considered to be frail and therefore, they need to be pampered. The roses need to be sprayed on a weekly basis and there is a strong need to apply fertilizers.
This becomes very harder for an average gardener. It is very suitable for the gardeners who are devoted to their works. I have meet people who grow up to 400 roses of wide varieties. They seem to be at ease attending to these varieties of roses. A large portion of gardener’s time is spent in cutting roses for family, friends and other people who are interested in the roses.


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