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How To Make A Hydroponic Herb Garden


How To Make A Simple Hydroponic Herb Garden Guaranteed To Give Great Results

hydroponic herb garden

In March of 2010 I came up with this idea as a cheap alternative for the Aerogarden.  The results were excellent and I made a step by step video showing exactly what I did to make the unit.  Many people have made them and have enjoyed the same great results.  On the side of this page to the left I put a link to everything you need to build this exact unit.  You maybe able to find better prices locally but a few items are not at local stores such as the hydroton, net pots and rockwool cubes.  The first video on top is a time lapse video I made of basil growing in a 35 day span under a grow light that I made.  The second 2 videos are the step by step guide on how to make it and show results at the end of using it on a widow sill getting sunlight only.  The last video is one that I came across where someone built the exact same unit and they show their results. 

windowsill hydroponic herb garden

So far in this unit I have grown hydroponic stevia, lemon basil, sage, sweet basil, spinach, and even a hyroponic radish!  I suggest starting with basil because it grows amazingly fast and you'll have nice big plants in just 30 days from seed.

If you have any questions you can email me and I'll answer in the same day.  Now get to it and grow some herbs!

Time Lapse Video Below

Part 1 Of 2 For How To Build A Window Sill Hydroponic Unit Below



Part 2 Of 2 For How To Build A Window Sill Hydroponic Unit Below



Somebody Who Built One Just Like It Made This Video Below



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