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My First Mushroom Finds For 2015

I was out at this spot 10 days ago and there was nothing.  It was still too early.  I returned yesterday and found some nice dryad's saddle mushrooms.  This is the size you want them or they get too tough.  One quick way to identify them is that they look like a pheasant in color which is also why they are called pheasant backs.mushroom hunting

Mushroom Hunting In Illinois October 25th, 2014

The weather was perfect, 65 degrees and sunny without mosquitoes, so I decided to hit the woods.  The first stop was a strip of woods that runs along a creek that I have never been to before.  My kids were bike riding on a trail there the day before and told me they found an "Obama" mushroom.  I had to go investigate.  I found the one they were talking about and it's pretty funny.  If someone could identify this one that would be great.  I've never come across this kind before.  Here are some photos and a vid

My Final Harvest In The Wisconsin Garden 2014



Burpee made a mistake when packaging seeds and we ended up with a small pumpkin which I assume are Jack Be Littles.  I will not be buying seeds from Burpee again.  I need to get the garden in earlier next year.

Rocket Chair Test Flight - Wisconsin Garden August 2nd, 2014

Garden update and more science fiction fun.



Our Well Froze This Past Winter!



The severe winter of January 2014 froze our well underground and ruined the pipes.  A new well was put in that is much better but it was a $5000 job.


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