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Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-8-2012

Newest video update.



Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-6-2012

As you can see below, the cucumbers are starting to get more leaves.  They are also getting roots down into the nutrients.  Things should really take off at this point.

Indoor Winter Garden Update 12-28-2011

The A & C cucumbers are this big this morning.  I planted them on the afternoon of the 24th and this is the morning of the 28th.  I tested the seeds I saved and they germinated 100%.  The sad part is that I only need 3 plants and the others will be executed.

Indoor Winter Garden December 26, 2011

Just posted a video on what I have been up to.  (BELOW)

I planted these on the 24th and today is the 26th.  The A & C Cucumbers are germinating fast!  I planted half from the original seed pack and half from my harvest from 2011.  Both are germinating at the same rate.  The lettuce is also sprouting after 2 days.  Everything else I can't tell at this point.  Updates to come...


hey does anyone know anything about the aerogardens?




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