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Full Jar Of Mushroom Mycelium

Mushroom Mycelium On Coffee Grounds

How To Catch Turtles

First Ripe Outdoor Tomato Of The Season - Independence Day Tomato

My first ripe tomato of the season is the Independence Day or also called Fourth Of July Tomato.

Independence Day Tomato Plant

Singing Tesla Coils At MuseCon 3

This has nothing to do with gardening but I recorded this Tesla Coil show last night and thought I'd share.



The Deer Are Destoying My Garden


Home Made Tomato Plant Supports For Hydroponic Buckets On Pavement

Hydroponic Tomato Support

I came out to check my hydroponic Early Girl tomato plant that I have growing in a deep water culture hydroponic bucket system and found that the tomato could no longer support itself and had fallen over as you can see in the photo below.  After 2 days the tomato started bending upright.

Dangerous Gardening




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