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Review: Olight M2T Warrior Tactical Flashlight

I'm going to start posting my high end flashlight reviews to the site.  This is the Olight M2T Warrior and is one of my current favorites.

At 1200 lumens it is super bright.  It also has silent switches so no clicking sound when you need to be absolutely silent.  It comes with two CR123A batteries that are not rechargeable but when these die out I will be using an 18650 rechargeable battery.  It has several different lighting modes.  The moonlight mode is 1 lumen and can stay on for 50 days.  The low mode is 15 lumens, medium is 60 lumens, second medium is 250 lumens, bright is 600 lumens, and turbo mode is 1200 lumens.  It has a strobe mode that has a flash frequency of 13 times per second which is faster than most other flash lights.  Below are a few photos and a purchase link.

Olight M2T Warrior

Olight M2T Warrior

Olight M2T Warrior batteries

Olight M2T Warrior box

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