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Amazing Aerogarden Tomato Growth

On March 14 I posted a video about how to modify the lights on an Aeorgarden.  Here is a photo taken that day of my red robin tomato plant.

Aerogarden tomato plant

Hydroponic Stevia vs. Stevia Grown In Soil

Just a quick update on what is going on in the indoor garden.  This first picture is of the hydroponic stevia.  It has really surpassed the stevia in soil.  Everything on this shelf is under two T5 grow lights and two T8 grow lights.hydroponic stevia

Hydroponic Stevia, Basil and Radish Update

Well it has only been a few days since my last update but things are really taking off as you can see from the photos below.


hydroponic indoor garden


Hydroponic Stevia / Germinating Stevia

My First Ripe Tomato of 2013

Van Wert Ohio Tomato Plant

2012 / 2013 Indoor Hydroponic Kick Off October 28th, 2012

hydroponic tomato

Hydroponic Tomato in Deep Water Culture and Hydroponic Cucumbers in Deep Water Culture.  The tomato is a Hoy tomato that I cloned from my best outdoor plant.  It has just started to take off and looks very healthy.  I'm a little afraid as to how big it will get knowing that they grew over 10 feet tall outside. 

My Grow Bag Experiment


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