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Shoreline Grow Bag Experiment

grow bag experiment

Can Anybody Identify This Mushroom?

Here are a couple of photos I took of a mushroom this past weekend growing under a bunch of young oak trees in central Wisconsin.  There were quite a few around so I thought I'd try to find out if they were edible.  They were in the debris of leaves/bark/sticks and were in the shade.  A very old oak tree once stood there and fell about 15 years ago and is rotting about 10 feet away.  Any ideas anyone?  You can right click and hit view image for a closer look.

Our 2013 Wisconsin Garden Layout

Rather than putting tags on every variety of plat we made a made while planting the garden this year.  We just scribbled it down as we went and made planting go faster.  We set up the timed sprinklers higher in the air this year.  Last year the pumpkins climbed right up at them which is no good for pumpkin set.

Here's a list of what we have growing:


Sage Plant From Buds To Bloom

About 10 days Ago I noticed my sage plants were getting buds so I snapped a photo.  Today as you can see they are in full bloom.  I planted these 3 years ago in these planters and they have been thriving in them ever since.  I don't give them any special attention and they survive the harsh Illinois winters.  They are a good plant to have around since they have many medicinal uses.  As for cooking sage is best used in tomato sauces and great on potatoes.

What is this plant?

Anybody know what this plant is?  It's in my herb garden but I can't recall planting it there.  It's been there 3 years now and growing strong.  Oregano?

Mystery Plant

Compost Pile Puppy

He likes the warmth of the compost.  He's out there every day in the morning to warm up.

compost pile

compost pile puppy

Killer Deal On A Raised Bed Garden

Look what I found on Craigslist! 

25 foot raised bed garden

Planting Virginia Gold Tobacco Seeds And Making Sweet Potato Slips

I planted these virginia gold tobacco seeds on March 28th, 2013.  Today is April 2nd and as you can see they are sprouting.  They actually came out 2 days ago but I just took this photo today.

Viginia Gold Tobacco Plants


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