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Germinating Virginia Gold Tobacco Seeds

I got these Virginia Gold Tobacco seeds from Larry Hall over on YouTube in his free seed offer.  Here's a look at how tiny the seeds are.

Virginia Gold Tobacco Seeds

Indoor Winter Garden Update 4-8-2012

Indoor Winter Garden Update 3-4-2012

Things are really rolling now.  The Van Wert tomatoes are the most productive I have ever grown indoors.  See the video below for the update.



Indoor Winter Garden Update Van Wert Ohio Tomatoes 3-1-2012


Planted on Christmas Eve in Hydroponics at day 68 we are getting our first Van Wert Ohio Tomato.  I'm excited to see how big they will get in hydroponics.  Loads of flowers on both plants too!  I've been pollinating them with the electric toothbrush.

See photo below:


Indoor Winter Garden Update Van Wert Ohio Tomatoes 2-11-2012

Here are a few photos of my Van Wert Ohio Tomatoes that I got from Lurley.  They LOVE hydroponics.  They went from 1 inch to over 2 feet tall in under 30 days.  Crazy!  There are no problems of any kind and it couldn't be doing better.  I noticed small buds today and hope they develop.  I switched the nutrients to bloom a few days ago and hopefully that helps flowering.  These were planted Christmas Eve in 2011 and today is February 11th, 2012.  I'll probably post a video of my whole indoor garden tomorrow on the 12th.

Indoor Winter Garden Update 2-5-2012

Here are a few photos of my Tiny Tim Tomatoes in the Aerogarden.  They are doing excellent!  As you can see there are now little flower buds appearingIt won't be long now!

hydroponic Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-15-2012

Well everything is doing very nice today.  Here are 3 photos I took this morning to give you a quick peek before I make a video next weekend.  My peppers (not shown) had a rough start due to me leaving them in the germination container too long but they are taking off now.

My lettuce shown below is green and healthy.  I just switched them over to Maxigrow at 400PPM. 

hydroponic lettuce


Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-8-2012

Newest video update.



Indoor Winter Garden Update 1-6-2012

As you can see below, the cucumbers are starting to get more leaves.  They are also getting roots down into the nutrients.  Things should really take off at this point.

Indoor Winter Garden Update 12-28-2011

The A & C cucumbers are this big this morning.  I planted them on the afternoon of the 24th and this is the morning of the 28th.  I tested the seeds I saved and they germinated 100%.  The sad part is that I only need 3 plants and the others will be executed.


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